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[Picture] A meadow orchard with a fireplace on which there are two green construction wagons. The picture shows the place for overnight stay.

In the eastern part of the nature park “Altmühltal” you can find our little farm between the sunny hillsides just about 3 kilometers away from the river Danube. Apart from responsible, sustainable farming and supporting the richness of species through ecologic fields and fruit trees we care about nature protection as bee keepers.

Hikers and Bikers are highly welcome to stay a night at our trekking camp which is located between the apple trees behind the farm for free. We like travelling and making new, interesting experiences. On our travels we yet recieved a lot of openness and hospitability. This is our way to give some of it back. With the closeness to one path of the east-bavarian Camino de Santiago, the via raetica and the limes hiking trail, the place is suitable for through hikers as well.

For us it’s important to signal cosmopolitanism, diversity and tolerance. There’s no place for racism and nationalism.

Potable Water and toilets are just a short walk by foot away and furthermore theres wood for making a bonfire. There are no cooking facilities.

Disclaimer for everyone that travels with a dog or is afraid of them: the neighbor’s dog strolls around a lot, so he is likely to visit you at the campsite. But he is quiet and gentle, so there’s no need to be intimidated by him. 🙂

Unfortunately there aren’t any shopping possibilities in the village, the nearest Places to get groceries are:

  • Hienheim: bakery and a very little shop (distance 3 km)
  • Altmannstein: supermarkets and bakerys (distance 8 km)
  • Neustadt a.d. Donau: supermarkets, places to get ice cream and bakerys (distance 12 km)
  • Riedenburg: supermarkets, places to get ice cream and bakerys (distance 14 km)